Services we offer include Landscape Design, Landscape Installation, Garden Renovation, Stonework, Planting, Sod Installation, Ponds, Skid Steer / Mini-Excavator Services, Snow Removal and more.

Landscape design professional.
Landscape Design Services
Hardscaping. Nate cutting stone. A landscaping project in London Ontario.
Landscape Construction Services
Old South Landscape Professionals, part of our landscaping team, skid-steer and mini-excavator.
Spring and Fall Clean Up
Garden renovation project in London Ontario. Hostas.
Garden Renovation Sevices
Snow removal in North London, London Ontario.
Snow Removal

Landscape Design

A well-designed landscape can increase the value of a property and have a dramatically affect the owner's enjoyment of an outdoor space. If you are thinking about having a design completed, Old South has a structured creative process in which this is achieved with its clients. Learn more about our Landscape Design services.

Landscape Construction

A properly installed landscape is an investment in your home, and can substantially increase your enjoyment of your outdoor space. Allow Old South's professional team to bring together the elements of your landscape installation. From interlock projects, to plant installation and custom woodwork, Old South guarantees its work and maintains open lines of communication before, during and after a project's completion. Find out more about our Landscape Construction services.

Spring and Fall Clean Up

There is no better feeling to walk into your garden(s) in May and be all ready to plant. Let us do all the initial prep for your garden to get it ready for you to plant. Short on time? We can plant for you too. In Fall, we offer the same great service in reverse by cutting everything back and getting your outdoor spaces ready for winter. Visit our Spring and Fall Clean Up page.

Garden Renovation

Is your property in need of some fresh mulch or a professional cleanup? Are your existing gardens overgrown and in need of a facelift? Old South completes high-impact garden renovations for both residential and commercial properties. As each property is unique, it is best to contact us for a personalized quote and consultation. Learn more about our Garden Renovation services.

Snow Removal

We offer a VIP snow removal service. There are a limited number of contracts remaining for the 2019/2020 winter season for snow plowing / removal especially in North London area. We will plow your driveway, walkway and front porch. One day two we will return to remove the wall the City plow leaves at the end of your drive. Our VIP clients will receive their service by 6 or 7 am to suit their family lifestyle. Current promotion is ONE MONTH free if paid in full for the season by October 20, 2019. Call or email us for further details.